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Great to use with fabric buildings, steel buildings or even conventional buildings

All of the pictures above were taken from our 72' x 160' gothic style welding shop.
Introducing our new "Rip Stop" polyethylene Vapor Barrier and insulated products. Tough, long lasting and very affordable. Vapor Barrier is available in 6 mil, 14 mil, and 22 mil thickness and in any length. Standard width is 144" but can be made any size. Strong enough to use as a finished ceiling and wall. Vapor Barrier is available in a flame retardant material.

Insulated Panels are made with high density closed cell foam in thickness of 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4". They are covered both sides with the same high quality "Rip Stop" polyethylene as our Vapor Barrier. Standard width is 144" but can be made any size. Insulated Panels are available with a flame retardant covering.
We also have a complete line of construction grade insulated tarps for concrete curing and scaffolding. 

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