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RV Garage Testimonials from Ken Sherburne - Parksville, BC (Oct 27, 2017)
Ken Sherburne - Parksville, BC (Oct 27, 2017)
I purchased a RV shelter, 14’ X 40’ X 17’ two years ago. The entire package came in one large shipment all the way across Canada destine for the West Coast, Vancouver Island. I put the entire package together with minimal assistance with one or two minor learning curve issues that were resolved. I have to say that the product is superior to anything on the market, cost effective, extremely durable, can withstand west coast storms. Friends and family have made comments about the obvious quality and have inquired as to the source of this great structure. I am extremely happy with the product and recommend it to anyone, most of all it’s Canadian! A picture is worth a thousand words…

U-haul Authorized Dealer Logo
Scott Kelver - Owner of ZuKel Sales Pueblo, Colorado, USA
We purchased eight 7 X 10 storage flat-pack units and are impressed with the product, customer service and overall response by customers. Look forward to significant growth with Cover-Tech product in the near future.

Paul Davis Restoration Logo
Peter Overgaauw - Owner/President of Paul Davis Brantford/Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
We recently purchased 16 of the Pro series storage units and we love them. They are a natural fit with our restoration business and I would recommend Cover-Tech and this product to anyone in our industry.

The Safe Co Saskatoon, Canada Logo
John Smith - Founder and CEO of The SAFE Co Saskatoon, Canada
I have been doing business with Cover-Tech since 2010. They have a friendly and very
knowledgeable staff and I look forward to expanding my container business with Cover-

Maya and Barry Scott Cover-Tech Inc. Portable Garage Testimonial Picture
Maya and Barry Scott - Fraser Lake, British Columbia
Just a final message to inform you that we are entirely pleased with the shelter we purchased from Cover Tech. The materials and engineering are first class, and I had no difficulty with assembly. At the age of 73, I wanted a product that would last and could be assembled with ease. I laid down a treated 4x4" base, and built directly upon that and it worked out perfectly.

Here's a photo of my wife looking very smug about her new garage for the Ford Explorer. In our northern climate the shelter will pay dividends in protection and maintenance. I might add that all our neighbors that viewed the project were as impressed as I was and I provided your location.

Very satisfying to BUY CANADIAN, and we are glad we did!!! Best wishes, and continued success.

Henry Waszczuk Cover-Tech Inc. Portable Garage Testimonial Picture
Henry Waszczuk - Fishing The Flats, Fins & Skins, Big City Fishing
We have had a long relationship with Cover-Tech which houses our TV boats over the tough winter’s Canada always seems to bring on. With our new 240 Boston Whaler Dauntless, we decided to get its own home so after 15 years with our first Cover-Tech unit, we have our second heavy duty portable garage. So now it’s off to Florida to film with our 270 Dauntless and no worries back in Canada.

Hail Storm Picture from Phil Rogers for Cover-Tech Inc Portable Garage Testimonial
Phil Rogers - Bragg Creek, Alberta
Hi, I wanted to contact you and to let you know that your product withstanded a hail storm that happened while I was away and attached is the size of the hail we received here in Bragg Creek. All of the cars and my RV were completely protected and are undamaged. I am very happy with the quality of the cover and will recommend it to anyone.

Ricky & Gisele Crawford Cover-Tech Portable Garage Picture for Testimonial
Ricky & Gisele Crawford - Minto New Brunswick
Just wanted to let you know, we lost five of our apple trees in the storm,, but look what is still standing.., very impressed with your sheds, thanks

Teresa and Frank D’Alena - Trout Run, Pennsylvania USA
My husband and I wish to thank all of you from Cover-Tech for a remarkable shelter we purchased from you last year. We were hit pretty hard by the flooding from Tropical Storm Lee back in August of 2011. Your garage shelter, helped us to cover a lot of items that other wise would have set out in all kinds of weather. The quality and workmanship of this item is very impressive and we’re extremely satisfied!

Ken Stewart - Kingston Ontario
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I am extremely happy with the portable garage. Your instructions and packaging were very professional and the set-up was problem free. I've had many comments from people passing by, and almost always they say how noticeable the quality difference is between the Cover Tech and the other "hardware store" models. I couldn't agree more! Since putting the garage up, Kingston area has had a wind storm followed by an ice storm and the garage didn't even think about moving. Job well done to all those involved!

Bob Babonau - Calgary, Alberta 
Excellent Product, we must have had 3 feet of snow on the top of the garage in the winter with no problem. I keep my boat in there in the winter. Best product I have ever bought. Easy to setup, everything is as excellent as they say. I am thinking of buying another as we have a bigger boat. Out of a scale of 1-10 I rate this product a 10 plus. Very sturdy. I have had comments form numerous people about the room and structure. Very strong and durable, not like those throw away garages you buy year after year. Just buy right the first time.

Wayne Mercer - Sioux Lookout, Ontario
Hi There, I would be remiss if I did not drop you a line to express how much I appreciate the quality of your product. It arrived in great condition and was easy to assemble once I figured out where everything went. Lots of space for my boat and other equipment to keep out of the elements. We had a wild summer storm in my area in early July that have us 90 km winds and tennis ball sized hail. My cover tech shelter held up beautifully. I was impressed by how well the fabric held up in these conditions considering some of my neighbors had to file insurance claims to repair their cars and the house roof. Thanks again for a fantastic product!

Mark Stevens - Whitehorse, Yukon 
I bought one of your portable garages a couple of years ago and I've been impressed. It survived two cold Yukon winters with no damage.

John Hokanson - Chester, Nova Scotia
Love my Cover-Tech... it is really well built and easily handled the hurricane winds and Nova Scotia winters for the past 5 years, while still looking real good. Should have gotten a bigger/longer one.

Robert Kerr - Chesley, Ontario
Fantastic, extremely well made shelter! I love the one piece construction.

Ernest Bureau - St-Jean-sur-Richeileu, Quebec
I am very happy with my portable garage 10 X 24. On my street with the strong wind some cheap car shelters got blown away but mine stayed there. I am very glad I bought your portable garage Thank you.

William Webster - Drumheller, Alberta
It went up beautifully and everything fit as it was supposed to. Only thing I changed was added ratchet straps to the two cover straps that go over the tarp rather then the ropes provided. Love my garage. Also the two guys that helped me will probably be ordering one soon.

Steve Kocsis - Chilliwack, British Columbia
FYI, the shelter is holding up very good. No Problem despite the heavy snow and wind.

Dan Labelle - Masham, Quebec
I received my portable garage last week and I put it up. I was very happy and impress with the way everything was packed up. It looks good.

Steve Kulyk - St. George, Manitoba
Hi we put up our Cover-Tech 30 x 10 building on Saturday and it went up very easily. The instructions were very good and the final product is awesome. It is extremely well built. The anchors are amazing. Thank you once again for everything.

Randy Geddes - Sylvan Lake, Alberta
I purchased one of the Limited Edition Garage packages last year. I was a bit skeptical of the quality and wanted to see how well the package would withstand the Alberta winters. The package was relatively easy to put together with one person. After seeing it handle it's first winter - this garage package has exceeded my expectations. It still looks the same as when installed last year. Not only did it handle all the snow we had this year - but there were no animals who claimed it as home - so it sealed well to the ground. The green also blends into the trees nicely. So well done Cover-Tech for building a quality product. I am so impressed that I am going buy a bigger and higher one to put my boat into

Jim Bell - Richmond, Ontario
I bought a 12 by 25 earlier this year, great product. Now I am interested in 2, 24' by 30', garages, 12 foot doors, green. Could you please quote thanks.

John & Anne Bartlett - Terrace, British Columbia
THANK YOU! Your well designed shed, saved our well loved 21ft double kayak, from being crushed by a large willow tree.

David Bewers - Fenelon Falls, Ontario
After tracking down and talking to at least 7 people who supplied testimonials, yes, these people really do exist, we decided on the 2 car garage. Well it's been up a year now, survived one Canadian winter, looks great and worked perfect. I wanted it to house my 1962 Corvair and one truck while we went to Florida. The paper instructions were a little vague, but with an email to their support and a link to much better on line instructions, all my questions were answered. It did take 4 of us to put the cover on, but my wife and I did the frame by ourselves. Unlike some of our friends, we don't see the need to build a $28,000 garage, when this works for us. I highly recommend Cover Tech.

Albert Mackie and Mavis Wade - Ompah, Ontario
Just wanted you to know how much we love the garage we puchased from you. It arrived in a timely manner and we immediately began reading the instructions, opening the packages and preparing to erect it. The best way to describe the process is to imagine making a queen size bed with a double size fitted sheet! Rather humorous to say the least. The two of us - my wife and I - were able to get the garage up and looking great in about 6 hours. Not bad for an "old married couple". The tractor is now happily
residing in her new home. Thanks!

Barry Fessier - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
I want to thank you for your part in getting this deal done. Thanks to your shipping alert we were able to start getting ready for the cover's arrival. The cover arrived safe and sound on Tuesday Feb 9, and as you are probably aware we got around 20 inches of snow. We were able to get the cover up just as the snow started to fall.

Rob Hais - Lantzville, British Columbia
I am so pleased with the shelter and am wondering why I didn't get one sooner. I am really impressed with the type of anchors that came with the kit you sent. Is it possible to order some more of them separately.

Gerry Stitchman - Chateauguay, Quebec 
Hi, I bought a car shelter spring of 09 and was very impressed with it compared to other models on the market. I gave a recommendation to purchase one to my auto parts sales rep who was looking for one for his customer. He made the order, but Day & Ross trucking lost the order. My rep named Ellie Singerman was very impressed with the fast efficient service he received as you immediately set out to send him another one while you solved the problem with the trucking company. The object of my letter is to thank you for your service to Mr. Singerman , it was more than he expected and thanked me for referring him to a great company.

Ed Daly - Montreal, Quebec
Seasons Greetings Cover Tech...The intact package arrived today, all safe and sound - looks great!!! My son and I will have a go at erecting it this week - should be a 'cool' (-18C) experience. Super - Thanks a million.

Michelle Wolf - Point-du-Chene, New Brunswick
Just wanted to send you a thank you to you and the Cover-Tech team for all your help. I'm really impressed with the quality of the product. Best Wishes.

Mike Loerke - Winfield, British Columbia
Everything arrived without a hitch. I was able to put it up last weekend and looks good. Thanks again for the quick shipping.

Marc Belanger - Ottawa, Ontario
Assembly went very well. When I consider all of the "kits" I've purchased over the years this was definitely one of the best. Everything fit properly and everything lined up perfectly. Quite an achievement for a custom building like this.

Chad Fowler - Aylmer, Ontario
I recently bought a 12' x 25' beige portable garage from you which I am very happy with! We recently had 3 days of very heavy winds and the cover stood strong (only moved back 6") 90km winds.

Jean Cross - Mactier, Ontario
I absolutely love my Cover-Tech garage. We received about a feet of snow on Fri/Sat…It snowed again Mon and by Tuesday there was about 4 feet of snow piled up and pressing on the side walls. I cleared this snow away…We are expected to get another 2 feet in the next 48 hours.

Doug Hagen - Admiral, Saskatechewan
Just a short note to say that I got my building up and it has already been through a wind storm and a snow storm and it stood fine! I am impressed with the quality of the materials and design.

Joe Kutcher - Schreiber, Ontario
Greetings from Northwestern Ontario! Earlier this summer we ordered a 14' x 30' x 9' portable building from you guys. After much work we have it complete and I am very impressed with the structure and the quality of materials that were used. Many people have seen this building and are also impressed. Hopefully you might get time new orders from around here if some talk turns into dialing your phone number. Thanks for all the help!

Louis St. Pierre - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Just thought I would drop you a quick note. We finally put the portable garage together over the weekend. We had no difficulties with the assembly of the garage and took approximately 3 house. Just wanted to say thanks for the service and it I ever need another portable garage I will be sure to contact you first.

Phyllis Swehla - Melita, Manitoba
Sending you pictures as promised last year. I get so many enquires where I got it. Even had a guy from Waskada Manitoba come to my door so I showed him the inside as he wanted to see it. It is by far the best in town. It is well worth the money you pay for it, a real deal and it stands strong winds and stays sturdy. I wouldn't want my 76 Grand Prix in any other shelter of this kind, only Cover-Tech!!

Jack Grant - Oshawa, Ontario
The garage went up with no problem and looks great. You make a very good portable garage.

Jim Maxwell - Ottawa, Ontario
The 12' x 24' I got last December is great and stood up well against last year's record snow.

Reg Gallagher - Belleville, Ontario
Last Fall I ordered a 12 by 28 garage which was delivered in good time and good shape. First the carrier was excellent and very helpful. After opening the boxes and reading the instructions it soon became evident that this is a quality product. The frames are sturdy and the end pieces even sturdier. I laid out the base and used a corner to corner measurement to square it up then marked and placed the anchors. I then proceeded with the frames and found that with a bit of ingenuity they could be assembled and erected by one person. In no time at all the cover was placed and tightened down. Many people have stopped by and checked it out and were impressed. The frame spacing and skin tight cover stood up to a lot of snow, ice, rain and winds since then. I had a manufacturing defect which Jason took care of under warranty and shipped the part quickly. I can say that they do their best to back their product quickly and professionally. Once assembled this garage out classes the others by a country mile. Thus I recommend the product and Jason and crew.

Moira Silcox - Vancouver, British Columbia
This is an incredibly sturdy garage and very well designed to stay put and standing for many years to come. Thanks again for all your assistance.

John Bonham - St. Albert, Alberta
Good Morning, well your carport arrived safely and we erected it last week. It fits perfectly and blends in wonderfully. It is all that we hoped for. Thank you.

Peter Rishaug - Calgary, Alberta
 have had my single-car garage now for over a month and have been highly impressed with the quality of construction and performance in inclement weather. I also was quite satisfied with the customer service provided. My product was delivered on time just as quoted and they were most helpful over the phone to answer questions that I had about the set-up. I highly recommend Cover-Tech.

Mr. Robinson - Richmond Hill, Ontario
I have to say this is one of the best garages yet. I get compliments all the time for quality, size and the colour. I am truly thankful for a garage so well built.

Rod - Shallow Lake, Ontario
I was amazed with the whole structure. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone. It is very straight forward to put up and your instructions were great. Thanks very much.

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