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Custom made rink liners for backyard or large community rinks

Our product qualities over competition

Made in Canada

Our 6 mil, 14 mil and 23 mil liners are made in Canada.

Custom made

Custom made rink liners any size, for backyard or large community rinks.

Most durable rip stop polyethylene

We use the most durable rip stop polyethylene with woven fibers and two waterproof coatings.

3 layer lamination process

Excellent puncture and tear resistance due to a 3 layer lamination process.

Special cold weather inhibitors

Special cold weather inhibitors to keep the liner pliable and eliminating cold crack.

Special white coating

A special white coating to make that perfect colored ice. It also helps keep the ice cool on a warm sunny day.
cover-tech special white coating quality over competition


Skating is one of the most popular outdoor winter activities In Canada and the Northern United States. With today's mild winters, ponds and lakes are no longer safe for skating. With the convenience of a backyard ice rink you never have to worry about thin ice.

COVER-TECH Ice Rink Liners are manufactured from a strong 6, 12, 14 or 23 mil Rip-Stop white polyethylene material, with two waterproof coatings, and can be manufactured for a small backyard rink or a large community rink. 

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Skating Rink Liners any size starting at $0.11/square foot! Additional 22% off for US Customers!

No job is too big or too small!

12 mil rink liners in stock for immediate shipping!

6 mil liners

$0.11/square foot

14 mil liners

$0.20/square foot

23 mil liners

$0.45/square foot

25' x 40' - $185.00

29' x 48' - $230.00

38' x 58' - $356.00

46' x 96' - $699.00

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