Establish healthy roots and early spring grass

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Cover-Tech golf green covers and turf covers are used throughout the world primarily on golf courses and natural sporting fields. Our golf green and turf covers are designed for winter protection and early greening of grass.

The most important feature of any golf course is it's greens. You can drive and chip from almost anywhere but without a healthy green you most likely can not finish the game.
Protecting greens with a Cover-Tech golf green cover is a must for any course. You can clearly see the damaging effects of a harsh winter on the right pictures below compared to the one that protect with green cover. Studies show that covering a golf green or any turf will reduce winter damage.
Key Benefits of Cover-Tech Golf Green and Turf Covers:
  • Reduces risk of winter kill
  • Earlier spring greening for earlier openings
  • Speeds up germination
  • Reduces seed loss from the elements and birds
  • Promotes healthy roots and development
  • Reduces fertilizer evaporation
  • Prevents over watering 


Example Picture Below of 84' x 125' breathable greens cover
72' x 96' water proof ice shield cover in 16 mil from Cover-Tech Inc.
Features and complete specifications of Breathable (Permeable) Covers:  
Cover-Tech breathable golf green and turf covers are made of a UV treated woven polyethylene that is specially engineered for the growth of turf. The unique weave creates a greenhouse effect to warm the soil but allows the grass to breathe and the right amount of water to pass through. With this simple combination you get deeper root development, quicker growth and thicker turf. 
Excellent multipurpose cover for winter protection, early greening, new construction or rebuilding of turf.   
Cover-Tech golf green covers are custom made to order and to any size. We offer untouchable prices and untouchable quality. Our covers come standard with a 3 layer reinforced edge and lock stitched seams for maximum durability.

Breathable Golf Greens Covers Benefits over the competition:
  • 7 mil domestic fabric, not imported
  • long lasting UV treated reinforcing scrim
  • 10 year life expectancy
  • 6 ply chain stitched seams
  • 3 ply chain stitched edge
  • technology to allow the proper amount of water and airflow to pass
  • proper translucency to create a greenhouse effect


Example Picture Below 72' x 96' water proof ice shield cover in 16 mil
84' x 125' breathable greens cover from Cover-Tech Inc.
Features and complete specifications of Waterproof (Impermeable) Covers:  
Cover-Tech waterproof covers are designed for protecting crown of the grass from ice. These are primarily used on greens that do not allow water to drain off, causing severe ice build up. The cover will act as a barrier separating the damaging ice from the healthy grass. 
Waterproof Golf Greens Covers Benefits over the competition:
  • 6 mil, 16 mil, or 23 mil domestic fabric, not imported
  • long lasting UV treated reinforcing scrim
  • durable waterproof coating on both sides
  • 5 - 15 year UV life expectancy
  • 6 ply chain stitched seams
  • 3 ply chain stitched edge

Soil Temperature Testing March 27, 2010. Impressive Results!



Athletic Turf Care Managers take great care in the maintenance of their playing fields. The condition and appearance of the playing field on game day is a source of great pride for the grounds crew team.   

The following is a testimonial from Purdue University Sports Turf Crew Chief Brian Bornino, after using Cover-Tech turf covers on the Boilermakers soccer field for the winter of 16-17.

“The athletic turf covers survived a very windy winter. This was our first purchase of a light-weight type cover for winter. We covered the Bermuda grass soccer game field. The one change we would suggest would be grommets around the complete perimeter on all of our covers. Service was great. It was easy to order and shipment was quick. Thank you for the great product”.

Some manufacturers promote that their green colored fabric is best for turf growth. The problem with green colored fabric is that it produces green light under the cover. Studies show that green light can seriously harm plants. Plants grow best under white light which is the light that the sun gives off, when the sun shines on green fabric the light under the cover is green. Please read below for studies of light and plant growth.
"Green Light Can Be Harmful. Professor Kevin Folta of the University of Florida has produced experiments in which plants' development, especially as seedlings, is actually harmed by green light. Specifically, he found that green light can reverse the stem growth in certain plants."
"Green Light Stops Plant Progress. Daniel Mosquin, the education and technology manager for the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research, also gave as his opinion that green light, though it might not cause plants to actually die, will have detrimental effects because of the lack of photosynthesis that will result"
"The beans in green light appeared weakest with pale yellow leaves and thin stems. Green light had the worst effect probably because green light did not get fully absorbed by the bean plant since the plant pigment, chlorophyll, reflected green light." California State Science Fair Project
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