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From Awning, Add-A-Room, Rafter and to Replacement Fabrics


The Supramatic and SupraClassic awnings have been built to give the consumer years of enjoyment and to the dealer, problem free transactions! Even to the naked eyes, the superiority of these awnings is easily recognized.
The special patented mechanism has less mobile parts than any other awning, thus eliminating most problems. The Supramatic and SupraClassic awnings are known as the awnings requiring the least maintenance in the RV industry.
Before choosing the location for your awning on your RV, make sure there is enough support where the awning will be fixed in place. Also make sure it will not interfere with the proper functioning of doors, windows or other accessories. When ordering the awning, the measurements should be taken center to center hardware.  
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The awning vinyl fabric has six layers which provide a unique balance of durability, protection against the weather and easy care. A 13 to 14 ounce per square yard fabric with the following specifications.
  • Protective clear vinyl film "clear cap"
  • 100% polyester scrim
  • Printed opaque vinyl
  • Laminated with an acrylic clear coat to protect print
With each 1 piece replacement fabric we include the practical installation caps. These caps are identified, "A & E", "Carefree", "Faulkner" and will facilitate the installation of our replacement fabrics on various awnings. You may use these caps as well for other types of awnings. Will fit on most brands of awnings.


Ideal for the customers wishing to set up their RV more permanently. Once installed early spring, no need to touch it again until fall. It is necessary to install the ropes and pegs supplied with your fixed awning. 


Truly the best bag awning on the market ! The bag awning is preferred by most tent-trailer owners. Our bag awning comes with everything you need to guarantee it's strength. 
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The window awning can be used in many different ways adding a distinguished look to your RV. Our window awning is supplied with a 2 pieces fabric.


The custom add-a-room for roll-up awning has been built so that no alterations are needed to your RV. The standard height (rail to ground) is 96" and the standard projection is 94" but both can be custom built as per your request. The add-a-room comes complete with poles, skirting, zipper door and all the material you need to install it.

The standard location of the door on the add-a-room for roll-up awning is 36" from the right hand side corner, on the front panel. This room comes standard with clear vinyl windows. Height of skirt is standard 28" and skirting is 18" high by 72'' long. You may change these specs as an option. For more permanent installations, we recommend adding our curved rafters. 

IMPORTANT : A minimun of 7" is required from top of trailer door to awning rail, otherwise you must also confirm height of front panel which is from awning roller to ground when awning is open. 
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This add-a-room is made with the same materials as the custom built add-a-room for roll-up awning. The add-a-room is built standard with a 96" rail to ground height. The skirt has a height of 28" and the skirting is 18" high by 72'' long. All 3 can be customized as an option.

The standard location of the door on the add-a-room for fixed awning is located far right on the front panel. This room comes standard with clear vinyl windows.


The clear vinyl windows slide downwards and can be opened at 1/3 or 2/3 from wall height. The bottom section of the wall (1/3) is made with white vinyl. The walls have a height of 77". This add-a-room is available in widths of 8' to 23'. The door guides go completely around the add-a-room, thus permitting you to position the door wherever desired. Quick delivery for the standard version, which consists of the walls with white vinyl in bottom section, clear vinyl windows, front door or side door, assembly kit and curved rafters. For more screen rooms click here

Sash clear vinyl windows can be opened at 1/3 or 2/3 from wall height. The bottom section of the wall (1/3) is made with white vinyl. The walls are 77" high. The door guides go completely around the add a room, thus allowing you to position the door wherever desired. The skirt and the side fabrics are white. The Aluniflex walls 1000 must be installed on a perfectly level patio and straight with the RV wall. 

General information :
  • Projection will adapt.
  • The additional door option only consists of the door frame with the door handle.
  • Simply replace one of the walls by the door frame and then place the wall into the door guides.
  • The front consists of walls of 22 7/8", 34 7/8" and 46 7/8".
  • The side walls will vary from 41 3/8" to 44 3/8".
  • A front door will be 46 7/8" or 34 7/8".
  • A side door will be from 41 3/8" to 44 3/8".
  • The skirt that hides the bottom of the RV has a height of 28" by the width of the add-a-room.
  • The skirting measures 18" high by 72" long. 
Freight is not included. Packaging: 1 carton tube (tracks), 2 boxes (walls and wall joints), 1 box (curved rafters), 1 box (side fabrics, skirt, skirting and DVD).

For standard awning. (Kit A) Height from underneath the awning roller to patio (C) must be between 77 1/2" and 79 1/2". Measurements from awning rail to patio (A) from 88" to 120". Be sure to position the awning roller groove according to the Kit A diagram (roller groove downwards).
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Sun Kit Sun Panel
The Sun Kit sun panel is inserted in the groove of the aluminum roller tube of the awning. It can be slid to the right or to the left like a curtain on a rod.

Front and side sun panels are fabricated of a high quality weather and sun proof fire retardant vinyl coated wire mesh. The elastic cords are held by high density PVC stake pegs. Hemmed at the bottom to insert pipe for more rigidity. 
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Add-A-Room Sun Kit
Requires only a few minutes to setup, no measurements to take, no holes to drill in your RV. Tinted vinyl windows and universal panels let you increase or decrease the size of your add a room.
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Used with our bag awning, the add-a-room and screen room for tent-trailers are the #1 items sold to double the sometimes cramped living space of a tent-trailer. 

Fits any tent-trailer perfectly when used with the Unicanvas bag awning.  Comes complete with poles, skirting and assembly kit. Forget the velcros that come apart at the slightest breeze. Our metal zippers will keep your room closed up and well in place. Protection against rain, wind and bugs is guaranteed by this foam + skirting system. 

  • Overall height of 94".
  • Clear vinyl windows.
  • Option. Special height and windows with tinted vinyl.
  • Skirt 23" high -Skirting 6" high x 24" long.
To protect against rain, roll down the vinyl on the outside of each window and keep them closed with the zippers on both sides.


Also suitable to other types of bag awning but especially made for the Trimline bag awning.
A screen room that can be easily changed to an add-a-room just by adding the vinyl flaps. Standard height of this screen room is 94" rail to ground and can be customized as an option. 
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Note for Curved rafter (Cover-up foams and receptacles are included)

Adjustable from 91 1/2'' to 97 1/2''. Adapts to all roll-up awning.

Our curved rafter can be easily extended or shortened up to 6 inches with a practical adjustment available at every inch. It is slightly curved on all its length and adapts to all 8' projection roll-up awning. This rafter facilitates the water flow on the fabric and brings solidity to your awning.

For awnings without add-a-room installations, we recommend installing curved rafters every 30 to 36 inches. Also included with the curved rafter a very practical receptacle which will assure you an excellent installation of the flat edge of the pipe on your RV. Rafters are also covered up with a foam to protect your fabric against scratches.



We have all the original patterns to fabricate the Bonair (up to year 2001 inclusively), Mastercoach and Lionel replacement canvas.
We can also supply other models of replacement canvas. To fabricate these models you must send in to us your old replacement canvas, to permit us to draw up a pattern to make your new canvas. These special orders, may take up to 2 to 4 weeks of production delay, for these reasons, we strongly recommend you send in this type of canvas to us during our slowest periods which are the fall and winter seasons.
Important :
When replacing only one section of the canvas, a fee will be charged to you for the matching part of zippers. This will happen for all sections of replacement canvas prior to 1993.
Please Contact us for pricing.


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