HOCKEY RINK DIVIDERS - Decrease The Space, Increase The Pace

FACT: "Small Area Games" skill development concept quickens progress of individual skills by creating: More Non-Stop Action & more fun! AND more passes; more shots; more saves; more puck battles; more decisions, more on ice communication between players; more turns; more puck races and did we say more fun !?!
  • Made of a HD durable 18oz. polyester reinforced vinyl with a High Density impact resistant polyurethane foam.
  • Full Velcro flap for maximum hold.
  • Lightweight & stackable
Sizes & pricing / 85’ set
  • 22” tall x 10” thick – $3324 Cdn
  • 12” tall x 8” thick – $2187 Cdn
Plastic ad windows available – Free Small Area Games resources available! Request free quotes or give us a call 1-888-325-5757.

Our Hockey Rink Divider in Action

Video credit to Hockey New Brunswick via Twitter handle @HockeyNB. Original video link:

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