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Your affordable source for LTL and Tuck Load Freight!

We at Cover-Tech know the importance of affordable shipping costs in order for small and large businesses to remain competitive and grow. Cover-Tech's Freight and Logistics division can help you get those affordable shipping rates so you can ship further and receive products from suppliers that you always thought were too far away. Not to mention if you can save on your regular day to day shipping the savings goes right to your bottom line!

We can quote you competitive rates on any sized shipment. No matter if you only need 1 pallet shipped 100 miles away or 50 truckloads coast to coast please contact us for a freight quote!

How can we offer you competitive rates? 
Cover-Tech has a huge internet distribution network so we ship thousands of products across Canada and the USA each year. This allows us to negotiate the best possible rates with different carriers and pass the savings to businesses like you.
Also we are in the truck tarp business and have been for over 65 years so we have a network of loyal customers nation wide who we like to support in return. We get to know our customers on a personal basis so over the years we have developed knowledge of what trucking company goes where and when the are in the area looking for a back haul.
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