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Insulated Tarps and Curing Blankets

(Scaffold Sheeting and Debris Netting - see bottom of this page)


World Wide shipping available!


Insulated tarps and concrete curing blankets from Cover-Tech, a must for any cold weather construction project.  Using curing blankets will protect your concrete from the harmful elements and allow it to cure properly.



insulated curing blanket at bridge site


Cover-Tech insulated tarps and curing blankets have many benefits that allow us to be an industry leader.

  • 1/4" closed cell poly insulation.  No bubbles means no loss of R-Value

  • water proof "Rip Stop" polyethylene covering on each side

  • extremely high UV treating

  • lightweight and easy to use

  • heavy duty grommets on 5' centers

  • can be made any size

  • available in an estimated R-2.5, R-5, and R-7.5, estimates are based on industry claims of the standard single ply construction grade insulated tarp, test results are not available. 


insulated tarp on a slab


Our Custom Made insulated tarps and curing blankets are available in the following sizes:

  • 6' wide x any length

  • 12' wide x any length

  • OR custom sizes made to your specs.

  • heavier coverings are also available.

  • we can sell in any quantity, no minimum order.

We also carry a huge selection of burlap for curing concrete in the heat of summer.


Insulated Tarp Pricing.pdf


The above link is for our standard pricing.  Please contact us for volume discounts.


Attention Pre Cast Companies!

Also available are large industrial strength curing blankets

 for tarp rollers, pre cast beds and steaming applications.


Insulated Frac Tank Covers!

Custom fitted insulated covers for Frac Tanks.

Helps keep water hot in the winter and cool in the summer.


insulated tarp on a bridge pier

Insulated curing blankets have many uses:

  • concrete walls and slabs

  • concrete forms

  • bridge beams

  • scaffolding

  • construction projects

  • pre casting

  • ground heaters



insulated curing tarpinsulated curing tarp on bridge work


Guaranteed Low Prices!

* Truckload Discounts Available! *


insulated tarp covering a ski jump

Above is a heavy duty insulated tarp covering a

ski jump at the site of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.


insulated tarp covering the floor of the grand canyon skywalk

Above is an insulated tarp covering the floor at The Grand Canyon Skywalk.

R7.5 insulated tarp with blue vinyl covering and rows of lead line for wind weight. 


Portable Flat Pack Construction Containers




     portable flat pack storage containers, start your franchise business today

Self Storage, Construction Sites, Disaster and Restoration, Rentals, Sales, Service




Why waste space and money trying to move sea containers?

For complete details CLICK HERE

ContainerSpecs.pdf   ConstructionBrochure.pdf   DisasterRestorationBrochure.pdf


Scaffold Tarps, Construction Tarps and Debris Mesh


Cover-Tech also carries high quality scaffold sheeting, construction tarps, hording material and debris netting.


scaffold tarpsscaffold sheeting




derbis mesh over scaffolding

Our scaffold tarps and sheeting have many benefits over the competition:

  • optional fire retardant

  • super tough with cold weather additives

  • bright finish for maximum lighting

  • grommets or easy punch holes for scaffold ties or scaffold bungees

  • reinforced edge for double the strength

Product sizes:


Scaffold Sheeting

7'4" x 136' rolls or 13' x 100' rolls


Hording Material

20' x 100' rolls, 40' x 100' rolls or 15' x 750' rolls 


Debris Netting

6'6" x 150' rolls, 10' x 150' rolls or custom made to your requested size.


Construction Tarps

6mil, 16mil, or 23mil reinforced poly and custom made to any size.




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