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Quality Awnings Beyond Expectations
Guaranteed Lowest Price on Rolltec Awnings!

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In addition to retractable and stationary awnings, we offer a selection of Giant umbrellas by Glatz. A leader in umbrella industry, Glatz, a Swiss family company, has been in business since 1897. Known for superior quality, elegant design, and durability, Glatz offers a variety of models to suit specific needs. Here are the most popular models of the giant umbrella line: The Palazzo® Royal, Palazzo® Noblesse, Castello®, and the Ambiente®. 

The Palazzo® Royal is among the largest and most durable, sizing as big as 7m x7m square, 8m x 6m rectangular or 8m in diameter round, offering high wind resistance.

The Palazzo® Noblesse, a similar but slightly smaller model, measuring up to 6m x 6m square, 6m x 5m rectangular or 7m in diameter round. Both of the Palazzo models are operated by hand crank. They can withstand wind up to 60-90 km/hour.

The Castello® model is slightly lighter than the Palazzo models, measuring up to 5m x 5m square, 5m x 4m rectangular or 6m in diameter round, with the same sleek style, and durability, at a smaller cost. The Castello can be either operated by crank or tensioning the lever.

Lastly, we offer The Ambiente®, a giant sidepost umbrella, with sizing up to 4m x 4m square, 4.5m x 3.5m rectangular or 5m in diameter round. This umbrella can be opened and closed by crank and can withstand wind up to 40km/hour.

All umbrellas are available with select customization options, a wide selection of fabrics, options for round, square or rectangular design, and different methods of anchoring. While combining beauty, elegance and precise engineering, all giant umbrellas provide a durable shelter for both residential and commercial applications.

All Giant umbrellas are custom ordered, therefore please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.
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